5 Lessons that Independent Video Game Designers

5 Lessons that Independent Video Game Designers Can Take Away from Super Mario RunConcepts of game design that will be of assistance to you in the creation of your own games. PreamblePreamble Nintendo’s first game designed specifically for mobile devices is called Super Mario Run. It was made available for iOS in December of 2016, […]

Lessons Candy Crush Saga Teaches Game Developers

How to design a game that earns $633,000 every day. History A very well-liked free mobile game is Candy Crush Saga, if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s a straightforward match-3 game with a candy theme that King introduced in 2012 and is still quite popular today. The game continues to rank among the best […]

How to Break Into the Video Game Industry as a Developer

An Overview of Darkwall Limited Knowledge Entertainment, as well as Suggestions on How to Get Started in the Video Game Industry This is the first of many articles and tutorials that can be found on DarkwallLKE.com that are intended for independent and hobby developers who are interested in creating projects but do not wish to […]